A startup story, kind of.
Yes, we are a small team, and yes, we are based in San Francisco. But Rotunda is not your typical startup. Bootstrapped and profitable from our humble beginnings in Buenos Aires, we now dominate our challenging corner of the scheduling software market. We are proud of our happy customers, our philanthropic orientation, and our open source contributions.
But it's our culture that is the biggest anomaly. Laid back and positive, while maintaining our focus on quality and service, we are a close-knit group of professionals on a quest not only to work well, but also to live well. Our bottom line is not expressed by a number but by the quality of our service and of our lives. A passion for travel, the arts, and having fun run deep in our DNA.
David Beck
President & CEO
Also an accomplished developer, David studied Computer Science at UCSD, where he met Max. If he is not pouring his soul into Rotunda projects, he is probably surfing or out of the country.
Maxwell Garcia
Co-founder & COO
Max has visited every corner of the globe, and has called places as far flung as Armenia home. Chronically positive, you are likely to find him hiking, biking, or camping in torrential downpours.
Mikki Manfredonia
Director of Technical Support
Mikki stumbled into the Rotunda "office" in our Buenos Aires days years ago. She started as a temp and is now the stopper of all bucks at Rotunda. Mikki will open your mind to music you never knew existed. She hopes to one day grow old on Mars.
Hannah Lennett
Director of Client Outreach
Combining a love of communication and theater with the same vigor she employs to climbing glaciers, Hannah is in charge of outbound communication and helping new clients navigate our foreign waters.
Chris Linden
Creative Director
On the cusp of becoming a professional hockey player, Chris reversed course and decided to pursue his childhood love of art. A team player to the core, his bubbling creativity ignites when he comes into contact with people who share his passion for doing extraordinary work.
John Brian Kirby
Lead Backend Developer
Possibly the nicest guy you'll ever meet, and without a doubt one of the best damn developers, we had to pry JB away from his electronic music career so that we could use his God-given developer skills to help us dent the universe.
Javier Viola
Full Stack & DevOps
Keeping things real from Buenos Aires, there is not a piece of our tech stack in which Javier has not dipped his fingers. His Argentinian optimism is as sure as his calm under pressure. Must be something in the mate.
Mallory Wood
Client service specialist
After helping to empower women in Africa and teaching English to Buddhist monks in Thailand, Mallory decided it was time to get meta. By day she now helps people help people, and by night she drums in a surf rock band.
Patti Such
Client service specialist
The very definition of a people-person, Patti can charm the pants off just about anyone. After being a client of Rotunda’s, we were lucky enough to get her to join our team. When she’s not helping save the day, you can find her singing at her church.
Raina Hanson
Client service specialist
Raina was one of our favorite clients until she decided to switch teams. With a dual degree in theology and mathematics, and a contagiously positive attitude, she helps schedulers traverse the curve between intention and implementation.
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